Lulu Money joins hands with PayHub to offer bill payments & other value-added services at its outlets.

Lulu Money joins hands with PayHub to offer bill payments & other value-added services at its outlets.

ATX Group Malaysia, one of the emerging FinTech companies of Malaysia which specialises in being a Global FinTech Enabler; and Lulu Money, one of the leading names in foreign exchange and money transfers; have undertaken a collaborative exercise that will see the two provide services that will benefit customers by way of offering over 100 bill payments, reloads and value-added services at 25 outlets in the initial phase of this collaboration. The services that will be offered as a result of this collaborative exercise is made possible due to ATX’s PayHub service which is essentially an API based B2B Payment Services Aggregator providing integrated merchant solutions and more. With this collaboration exercise the array of services that will be offered across these outlets will be offered to customers to make their payments without any additional surcharge too.

The array of services that will be offered at Lulu Money outlets are as follows:
1. Bill Payment (Electricity, Internet, Astro and Water Bills)
2. Telcos (Postpaid Bill Payments, Domestic & International Reloads)
3. Council Bill Payments (Tax renewal, compound and rental)
4. E-wallet Reload PINs (TnGo E-wallet, Grab Driver, CePAT Tokens)
5. Loan Repayments (KPKT, PTPTN, Majlis Amanah Rakyat MARA and others)
6. Digital Vouchers (Grab Food & Mart, Lazada Vouchers, Zolara Vouchers)
7. Car Insurance and Road Tax Renewal
8. MobiCare Phone Swap Subscription
9. Digital Will Vouchers
10. Entertainment (NJOI PINs and E-Load)

As part of the next phase of this collaborative exercise, Lulu Money has plans to collaborate with MyPOSPay, which happens to be a part of the ATX Group in Malaysia. This next phase will entail services such as a parcel drop-off service at its outlets and customers will have the benefit of being able to fill out their parcel order forms online too where upon filling up their online forms they may then proceed to drop off their parcel at their nearest Lulu Money outlet.

Headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, ATX Group Malaysia is a major player within the booming FinTech industry where they seek to leverage their expertise in the FinTech sphere to provide all these services and more to their customers. In 2020 alone, the Group had managed to process over RM 600 million valued transactions and is seeking to achieve a target of having RM 1 billion valued transactions within the next two years through the Group’s efforts in transforming businesses into multi-service digital centres via its five core brands:

1. PayHub – A B2B Payment Services Aggregator
2. MyPOSPay – Parcel Pick-up and Drop-off Points
3. GOPAY – A digital wallets for agent to make money
4. Runcit Hero – B2B Online Marketplace for Grocers
5. Cash In Points – Buy Online, Pay at Merchant

Google Play Code, a new product available in ATX ecosystem

Google Play Code, a new product available in ATX ecosystem

The proliferation of various media content on the Google Play Store has enabled people to enjoy content in the form of games, books, music and movies like never before. The market for those types of content is anticipated to be a rather prodigious one. Where it is anticipated that online gaming in Malaysia will rake in a projected revenue of RM88 million in 2021. For books that figure is projected to be at more than RM160 million in 2021, for music that figure goes to more than RM101 million in 2021 and for movies those figures are more than RM524 million in 2021. The rise of this burgeoning industry is fuelled by various kinds of payment options, one of which is the Google Play Gift Card where it is essentially a prepaid top up card for Google Play Balance.

To address the needs of this growing demand, is ATX’s solution of having Google Play Code as a new product in the ATX ecosystem. The Google Play Code is essentially a Google Play Gift Card but in a digital format where having a Google Play Gift Card is just one of the ways in which you can have access to paid content that is available on the Google Play Store such as apps, games, movies, music and many other types of digital content.

The purchase of the Google Play Code is made available on consumer app GOPAY, retailer apps such as MyPOSPay & Runcit Hero as well as via B2B wholesale API connectivity PayHub. Besides offering services for Google Play, ATX also features a slew of other entertainment, games and lifestyle offerings too which includes Steam Wallet, Garena Shells, Razer Gold and PlayStation vouchers in its ecosystem.

As the year end holidays are right around the corner, these Google Play codes make the perfect gift for gamers, bibliophiles, movie buffs, music lovers and more. Combine that with ATX’s convenient offerings, getting the digital content that you or your loved ones are looking for will be made easier than ever.

ATX partners with FlexiParking to offer cashless parking payment for over 80,000 street parking bays available in 10 local councils.

ATX partners with FlexiParking to offer cashless parking payment for over 80,000 street parking bays available in 10 local councils.

The announcement made by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) last year on its decision to shut down roadside payment machines as well as its decision to go cashless over the payment of car park bays, has led other councils to embrace DBKL’s approach where there are considerations on the table for these councils to go cashless in their street parking management. With the added benefit of reductions in operational costs coupled with the grouses of many street parking users over the old method of paying for parking via coupons, many stakeholders would be readily willing to sieze this opportunity.

Which is where major FinTech players in the region like ATX and FlexiParking come into play and have partnered up with each other to smoothen this transition further. This partnership will see the two FinTech companies providing cashless parking payments for over 80,000 street parking bays in 10 councils in their initial rollout. These councils would involve the areas of Ampang, Kajang, Klang, Kuala Langat, Kuala Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Selayang, Sepang, Shah Alam and Subang Jaya.

To ease car park users further, ATX has even made this service available on consumer app GOPAY, retailer apps such as MyPOSPay & Runcit Hero as well as via B2B wholesale API connectivity PayHub. This partnership will help serve the street parking market immensely where it is estimated to be worth RM500 million per year based on the parking bays managed by over 140 local councils as well as private parking operators in the country.

With this, ATX has ambitious plans to integrate with more service providers in the future where it seeks to offer cashless parking payments in shopping centres and malls in the country. This convenient service will help out many car park users who can expect to enjoy a hassle-free way of paying for parking in the near future.

Novatti (ASX:NOV) acquires ATX to expand foothold in Malaysia

Novatti (ASX:NOV) acquires ATX to expand foothold in Malaysia


ATX Malaysia Sdn Bhd has been acquired by multi-channel payments company Novatti (ASX:NOV) of Australia it announced today.

ATX is recognized as one of the top 50 Southeast Asian start-ups offering a variety of B2B and B2C payment services. The network includes over 31,000 touchpoints that allow residents to pay invoices, buy cards, recharge cards, and send money. Nestled in Malaysia, ATX gives brick-and-mortar stores as well as kiosks the access to digital payment services of third-party bill and product payment services. This momentous acquisition is seen as a pivotal step for Novatti’s ambitious outlook. ATX has been a working partner with Novatti (ASX:NOV) since 2015 largely focused on leveraging Novatti’s technology in providing digital payment solutions to Malaysian businesses.

In FY21, ATX produced normalised yearly income of RM 9.3 million and EBITDA of RM 1.8 million which implies that Novatti’s annual sales revenue will grow from RM 51.4 million to RM 60.7 million for the financial year, an increment of 18%.

Renowned brand position and impact

ATX has set up many amazing brands for organizations and customers, including B2B installment aggregator PayHub, B2C digital wallet GOPAY, B2B2C platform MyPOSPay, and B2B2C online marketplace for grocery merchants RuncitHero. As strategic partner, ATX is to a great extent zeroed in on utilizing Novatti’s innovation. This monumental acquisition will empower Novatti to utilize its environment and assets to grow the current ATX business in Malaysia. 

Novatti (ASX:NOV) can likewise dispatch extra services, like billing, just as the possibility to additionally offer other value-added items to the ATX client base. Novatti (ASX:NOV) would now be able to utilize ATX’s current innovative technological solutions, including its e-wallet.

As a feature of the exchange, ATX’s solid management team, including the founders will be filling in as CEO and director (strategy), will continue to stay on after the procurement to guarantee the continuity of the business.

Procured ATX to additionally build up Novatti's traction

The procurement of ATX will furnish Novatti (ASX : NOV) with a field presence as it ventures into significant objective business sectors in Southeast Asia. Novatti (ASX:NOV) as of late finished the A series of financing for its new financial business, resolving to contribute AUD10.5 million.

The fintech organization likewise accomplished a record all out yearly revenue of $18.4 million in FY21, an expansion of 55% more than FY20, and finished $40 million in financing to extend its development system.

At the hour of composing, Novatti (ASX:NOV) shares are up 3.45% to 45 pennies. Here are excerpts of what the founders of ATX had to say regarding the acquisition. 

Sashie Kumar - CEO ATX

Sashie Kumar - CEO

"We are thrilled to be joining the Novatti team. Having worked together for several years, we know the strength of Novatti’s services and believe we can add value. We are particularly excited by the prospect of working together to expand in Malaysia and South East Asia. We look forward to this exciting new chapter!"

Kelly Koh - COO ATX

Kelly Koh - Director Strategy

"This acquisition will strengthen the financial ecosystem of Malaysia by making digital payments more accessible to businesses and individuals. We will now target the untapped markets with new innovative payments solutions that Novatti (ASX :NOV) brings to the table. We are really excited and look forward to continuing our growth trajectory with Novatti (ASX :NOV)"


Create your Will online in few clicks for RM270 only

Create your Will online in few clicks for RM270 only


ATX collaborates with CreateWills and iPay88 to offer online Will writing services to the customers. Wills can be created using a web-based platform The Will writing experience on this platform has been kept simple and informative as it guides the customers across each step with the help of useful tips. Payment for the Will can be made through voucher code as well as online payment methods powered by iPay88.

E-Wills - This week in focus
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Why creating a Will is important?

Did you know that 72% of Malaysians do not create a Will and are unaware of the consequences of not having a Will. This resulted into Malaysian Government holding RM70 billion in frozen assets due to unclaimed monies and conflicts between the family members over distribution of the assets. Without a Will, you can’t choose how to distribute your assets as it will follow the distribution guidelines in the Wills Act.

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Why create your Will via PayHub?

Usually the high cost, process complexity, and the fear of getting it wrong are the main reasons why people do not create a Will. With PayHub, you are guided at each step while creating your Will and the Wills produced are 100% legal and comprehensive. 

Easy and Afforadable

Write your Will in RM270 only and pay via voucher code or online payment methods.

Supports Islamic and Conventional Wills

PayHub provides both Al Yusra Islamic Will and Sterling Conventional Will.

Simple Step by Step Process

Video tutorials and helpful tips are available to guide you through each section.

100% legal

Our software produces 100% legal and comprehensive Wills.

Just 10 minutes to Complete

Our simple and easy process allows you to create a legal Will in just 10 minutes.

Vouchers available on

Compare car insurance plans and find the best deals.

Compare car insurance plans and find the best deals.


ATX collaborates with Policy Street to allow customers to compare car insurance plans aggregated from over 11 insurance providers. Users can also renew road tax and get it delivered to the doorstep. This service is available for GOPAY agents, MyPOSPay merchants and PayHub API customers.

Policy Street - This week in focus
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How to renew?

Proceed to the nearest MyPOSPay outlet, or download GOPAY app on PlayStore or AppStore and follow the steps below.

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Available on these platforms

Reload CEPat tokens at MyPOSPay outlets nationwide.

Reload CEPat tokens at MyPOSPay outlets nationwide.


Smart Selangor Delivery Unit has authorised MyPOSPay outlets to be the cash in point for reloading CEPat tokens. This initiative brings convenience to the users of the Smart Selangor Bus and Parking services, enabling them to reload CEPat tokens via cash payment. These CEPat tokens can then be used for Smart Selangor Parking and Scan to Ride services available on the CEPat app.

Reload CEPat token at MyPOSpay outlets nationwide.
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How to reload CEPat tokens?

Proceed to the nearest MyPOSPay outlet and perform the following steps:


Open CEPat app and click on the Scan button.

Select Top-up

Select Top-up and show your QR code to the MyPOSPay merchant.


Pay cash to the MyPOSPay merchant and tokens will be reloaded to your CEPat account.

Available on these platforms

Want to sell CEPAT tokens to your customers?

This service is exclusively available for MyPOSPay merchants. Become a MyPOSPay merchant today and enjoy these benefits.

Earn 3% commission

Reload CEPat tokens for your customers and earn 3% commission of the top-up amount.

Be a POS Laju Authorised Agent

Ship domestic & international parcel and earn up to 12.5% commission.

Setup your payment services business

Pay bills, perform mobile reloads, renew road tax and insurance for your customers and earn commission on each transaction.